Rating: 9/10

Price(Amazon): $199.89

*price may change over time

By: Astro Gaming 


This is no ordinary headset. With a price that high I’m sure anyone should expect a lot from it. I will tell you my thoughts about this headset.

The sound that this headset delivers is outstanding. The ear cushions are really soft and they are able to cover your ears. This makes it better to hear the game’s audio and make you more engaged in the game.

The mic is also fantastic. Your friends won’t have any trouble hearing you online. It rotates to a full 360 degrees. Not only that, but you can also detach the mic! So if you want to use the headphones to just listen to music, you can simply take it off.

One thing I thought was cool about the mic is that you can have it at any side of the headset, not just the left. You can do this by removing the caps covering the speaker drives and switch them. This enables you to attach the mic to the side that you want it to be.

You don’t have to be worried about its weight because this headset is super light. In all honesty, I found this headset to be very comfortable! Since I wear glasses I thought it would be a troublesome having the headset on while wearing them. To my surprise, the headset fit well!

This is great because you are able to play for long periods of time!

This Astro a40 comes with a mix-amp 80. What this mix-amp does is that it gives you the ability to balance any audio you want. You can either choose to have the game audio stand out more than the chat audio or vise versa. On the bottom of the mix-amp you have the volume and the mute button.

One thing I should mention is that it is important to update your controller and console. If not done, you may experience static sounds in your headset while playing.

Overall, in my opinion, if you are willing to spend $200 on a headset then I recommend purchasing the Astro a40. I hope this revie
w was helpful.


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Astro a40 for Xbox One Review

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