Rating: 10/10

Price(Amazon): $25.50

*Price may change over time. 

By: BD&A

This charging station, in my opinion, looks pretty cool. The LED lights indicating the status of the controller’s charge looks pretty sick. Two rechargeable battery packs are included and the charging station is powered using an AC adapter.

It’s really simple, you just mount on your controllers on the charging station and your controllers will start to charge. The light should be red if you are beginning to charge the controllers. Once they are fully charged, the LED lights on the bottom of the controller should turn green. This feature gives the charging station a futuristic look, although in reality it just charges Xbox One controllers.

Out of all of the charging stations available, I really recommend on getting the BD&A Charging Station. In general, I really, really recommend getting a charging station, even if it’s not this one.

Why should you get a charging station?

Getting a charging station takes away the stress of constantly getting batteries for your controller. As soon as you run out of batteries, it’s off to the store again to get some more.

Anyways, in conclusion, the BD&A Charging Station is a great reliable product!


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BD&A Charging Station Review

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