Wireless headsets can be really beneficial considering that they don’t require a cable to function. However, some wireless headsets out there can be priced for about over $100. Fortunately, I have found 2 best wireless headsets that you can get for under $100!

There may be other wireless headsets that are also under $100, but these are my 2 best recommendations.

These are available in Amazon and clicking on a headset will direct you there.

1. HUHD 2.4Ghz Optical Wireless Gaming Headset


This headset is priced at only $59.00. The very flexible mic is detachable so you can also use them to listen to music or other similar things. A 3.5mm to 2.5mm cable for the Xbox 360 is included. It also comes with a charger for your headset, an optical cable, and a USB cable for the transmitter. You can adjust the volume for the game and chat audio on the side of the headset.

The transmitter enables you to connect your headset wirelessly. You do this by connecting the transmitter to the console with the USB cable and optical cable. Then once you turn on the headset, it will pair itself and it will be ready to use. The ear cushion and durable headband make the headset really comfortable wear. It also expands out to fit any head size.

You can have the headset on up to 30ft from the transmitter! Its battery life lasts for a great amount of time. My suggestion would be to charge it at the end of each week so it can be ready to use the next week.

The mic and audio are fantastic and really gets the player more engaged during gameplay.


2. HAMSWAN Gaming Headset 2.4GHz Wireless Headphones


This is available for only $65.99! This headset’s mic is also detachable and bendable. You will also need to plug in the optical cable and usb cable to the transmitter and console in order for it to work. The game and chat volume is adjustable form the side of the headset as well. The headband is really flexible and durable!

The battery life lasts up to 12 hours! It can be fully charge in about 5 hours, and it’s comfortable so it enables you to play for a long period of time.

The mic works really well and the 40mm speakers deliver clear sound. You may be up to 20-30ft away from the transmitter which lets you sit wherever you are playing. The red headband cushion compliments the whole headset really well! Not only does this headset offer great quality, but it also has an awesome look to it.

What are your thoughts about these two headsets? 🙂

Best Xbox One Wireless Headset to get under $100!

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