These are some of the cheap and reliable headsets you can get! So if your not looking to purchase an expensive headset, I believe these would work better for you.



By: Sades

This is a newly updated headset from Sades. Its price is only under $25 so it’s not very expensive. The ear muffs cover your whole ears which, in result, block out the noise from the outside. This makes you to be more focus during gameplay.

What’s even better is that the headset is very light! You’ll be able to play for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.


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Afterglow LVL 3 Wired Headset for Xbox One


This headset is under $35. It has 40mm drivers that deliver great audio quality. The ear cushions are really soft and comfy. Even though it may look heavy, it is actually lightweight like the headset above.

The mic is really nice. Whether you want it close or far, you can bend it to wherever you want it to be. The cable is tangle free so no need to worry about them getting tangled up into a bunch.


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