Rating: 8/10

Price(Amazon): $24.10

By: CTA Digital


If you are a person who likes to travel a lot then a case for your Xbox One will be a great accessory to get! The CTA Digital XB1-MFC Multi-Function Carrying Case will 

3 Reasons to Have a Console Case

  1. Safe way to carry your console.
  2. Able to carry your console anywhere you want.
  3. Convenient for traveling.

Thoughts about the case…

The case is capable of carrying everything such as cables, controllers, games, and your console, of course! There are also some little pockets in the front of the case where you can put some other things too.

As a person who likes to keep their console in great condition I can see myself using this case if I ever decide to travel out of state or somewhere far. However, I’m not much of a traveller but I really recommend this to those who do a lot of traveling so they can take their console with them.

In my opinion, the CTA Digital XB1-MFC Multi-Function Carrying Case can make you look very professional despite the fact that you are only carrying a console. 🙂

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CTA Digital XB1-MFC Multi-Function Carrying Case Review

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