Rating: 9/10

Price(Amazon): $71.12

*Price may change over time


This hard drive has the storage capacity of 1TB. That’s a pretty good amount of memory. It’s always better to have more memory. You don’t want to run in a situation where you don’t have anymore storage for a game or app your are about to install. This may lead to an option where you will have to delete other data in order to make some more space.

This hard drive is proven to be 23% faster than the stock Xbox One internal hard drive. This means that it will load the game faster thus making it a high performance hard drive.

It also has a preloaded back up software. You can take this hard drive anywhere you want since it is portable. You can take it to your friends house or even a relatives house!

The hard drive itself feels durable so it can be reliable and can last you for a good while. This way you will have more memory storage with a strong hard drive! Not to mention it will bump up the overall performance of your Xbox One console. (Overall performance will improve only if the games are installed on the hard drives and not on the console)

In conclusion, I really recommend this hard drive for those who would like extra decent storage and see their Xbox One console’s performance be quicker overall.



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HGST Touro S 1TB High-Performance Portable Drive Review

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