Rating: 8/10

Price(Amazon): $39.99

*price may change overtime


This is the Horipad controller for the Xbox One. This controller, in my opinion, has an Xbox 360 vibe to it. I say this because of its design and how it looks. The analog sticks look similar to the original Xbox 360 controller. The Horipad controller is wired with a USB cable so no batteries are needed to keep it powered.

Honestly, this works great for PC gamers out there. They can use this controller for playing their games on windows. Although it may look like a cheap third-party controller, it is actually officially licensed. This means that it is really reliable. So you wouldn’t have to worry about it breaking down so easily.

The triggers are very different. They feel more like buttons rather than actual triggers. The rest of the buttons feel great. However, the ABXY buttons are somewhat flatter than the ones on the original Xbox One controller. Nevertheless, overall the whole controller has a very good feel.

For only $39.99, I’d say that the Horipad controller is worth getting since it is cheaper than the original Xbox One controller.


What are your thoughts? 

HORIPAD Xbox One Controller Review
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