Rating: 9/10

Price(Amazon): $19.99

By: Foamy Lizard

The ParticleGrip STUDDED Skin set not only comes with thumb grips but it also comes with a cover case for your controller. The case is really flexible so you do not need to worry about it ripping to easily. Installation only takes about 20-30 seconds so it is really easy to put on.

You get about 4 thumb grips for your analog sticks. Two thumb sticks of the four have a different grip than the other two. Two thumb grips of the two different grips are tall while the other two are short. Like the cover case, they are really easy to install. Just pop any thumb grip you like on an you are ready to go.

What I like about this particular case is that the ABXY buttons are left opened. There are some cases where each button has their own slot on the case. Although it makes the controller look better, some people find it hard to to press the buttons because the case can kind of get in the way. Personally, I don’t mind that but that’s just me.


The studs on the handles make the controller feel more firm and comfortable. Even with sweaty hands the controller will not lose its grip.

Overall, this is not a bad accessory. Foamy Lizard did a great job designing this case and I feel that it is worth getting. I really recommend this to those who are considering to get a case for their controllers and thumb grips.




What are your thoughts? 🙂

ParticleGrip STUDDED Skin Set Review
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