The SCUF controller (SCUF Infinity 1) is mostly compared with the Elite controller. Both have a high price. In Amazon, the Elite’s price is around $150, and the SCUF’s price is around $180. However, on the official SCUF website the Infinity 1 controller is available for around $120. By looking at their prices you can determine that these controllers should offer the best quality for gameplay.

Which is better?

I will try my best and give you details and the pros and cons for each Controller. From there you can determine yourself which controller is better.

SCUF Infinity 1



To start off this controller is great for customizing it to your own style. You can change the LED lights from the home button to any color you want. The removable control disk works good to respond more precise. This controller has paddle buttons on the back that face downward so it can be easier to press any buttons without moving your fingers. The paddle are basically a substitute to the buttons on the controller. So, for example, you can set the A button to function as one of the paddle son the back.

You also have the option to change your analog sticks with the analog lock tool. This enables you to take off the any analog stick and add a different one from the extra 3 analog sticks that comes with the controller. Each analog stick has a different size from small, medium, and large.

The grips on the SCUF Infinity 1 are actually the SCUF FPS adjustable grip, which are sold separately.

You can check out my review about these grips here.


  • Customization is great for the average player
  • Paddle buttons improve gameplay
  • Good grips
  • Matte color makes the controller looks nice


  • Paddle buttons may take some time to get used to
  • Not much in-depth customization such as button analog sensitivity
  • There is no case for the controller to store in


Xbox Elite Controller 

By: Microsoft


The Elite controller is an official controller for the Xbox One. You can customize this controller to your own satisfaction. Like the SCUF Infinity 1, you can also change the analog sticks. However, instead of getting 3 extra analog sticks, you get 6 instead. Their sizes are from small, medium, and large.

This means you get two analog stick for every size. The difference between removing the analog sticks from the SCUF controller is that you can take off the analog sticks without removing the whole analog. The reason is because the analog sticks act like magnets so you can just pop them off. Although they are like magnets, you won’t have trouble using them because they don’t easily fall off. There are also 2 different D-pads you can choose to use.

This controller has paddle buttons on the back, but they are placed differently than the SCUF Infinity 1’s paddle buttons. These paddle buttons are also like a substitute for the buttons of the controller. You can configure this by the app for this controller on the Xbox dashboard. This app allows you to configure many things on the controller.

The two profile switchers on the controller gives you the ability so switch through your two best configuration sets between gameplay. You can have many configurations sets in the app. If you want to change the analog stick sensitivity and as well as the trigger sensitivity, the app allows you to do that as well.


  • Paddle buttons on the back allow you to press buttons without moving your fingers
  • Analog sticks and D-pad are customizable and aren’t a hassle to remove
  • Advanced customization and configurations
  • Controller has its own case


  • Installed magnets make controller heavier
  • Configurations may be overwhelming
  • Back paddle buttons can cause the player to accidentally press them during gameplay, which requires time to get used to handling the controller


What are your thoughts about these two controller?

Did I miss any more details about any controller?

Please let me know in the comments below 🙂

SCUF Controller, Difference Between the Elite Controller

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