This Xbox One dust cover is made by Foamy LizardI really like how the cover looks. It makes the console look very sleek.


Obviously, the purpose of this cover is to keep it dust free. It also keeps it from getting minor scratches and dirt. One thing you should never do is have the console on while the dust cover is also on. Doing so can end up damaging the console. I think it’s awesome how the cover is also water repellent because of the nylon coating. This is great for those situations where you or someone else accidentally spills water on it. The dust cover was designed to fit the console perfectly!



In my opinion, this accessory can benefit you greatly. You’ll be able to have a very clean console! Just always remember to put it on after you are done using the console. This also can benefit you to become a much cleaner person. I know that some people out there don’t really care much of their console.

Not that that is a bad thing, but having things clean and taking care of them can say a lot about a person rather than a person who does not. Having to maintain a clean console by using this dust cover can change the way you take care of your things! 🙂

In conclusion, I really recommend this dust cover to those who would like to start having a much cleaner console! This is available on Amazon and it is currently $19.99.



Please feel free to comment your thoughts as well 🙂


Thoughts about the Xbox One dust cover

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