Honestly, I never expected there to be a some sort of gaming backpack. When I came across this backpack it quickly caught my interest. This is the CTA Digital Backpack by CTA Digital and it is not only for the Xbox One S, but it is also for any other gaming system!

This was also intended for the Xbox One console, but because of its size it barely fit into the backpack. However, since the Xbox One S is 40% smaller it is able to fit in perfectly.

You can put in anything you like. There are compartments specifically made to fit your cables, controllers, kinect, game discs, game cases, and chargers!

What I like about this is that you can fit up to three controllers in one pouch. It’s awesome how everything can be safely secured in this backpack.

If you are person who goes over friends’ houses, relatives’ houses, or travels, this backpack is worth getting. It enables you to keep everything organized without the cables getting tangled to each other. Heck you can even put a bottled drink on the side since it comes with 2 side pockets.

This is a safer way to carry your system around! I remember I use to put my console and cables in a bag whenever I went over my cousin’s house when I was younger. I would worry about the bag ripping so I had to be vary careful. The CTA Digital Backpack would have been very beneficial to me at the time.

In conclusion, this gaming back is no doubt a great accessory to get if you have an Xbox One S and are a traveling type of person.

It is available in Amazon for only $39.99.

What are your thoughts about this gaming backpack? 🙂

CTA Digital Backpack for the Xbox One S Review
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