If you ever wanted to buy Xbox One accessories on a budget, I can be able to help. There are a variety of accessories you can buy! However, some people may not be so sure which accessories to get. On this post I will list the best accessories you can get with a $200 budget.

I always believe that there are 3 main accessories to look for when considering to get some. They are a hard drive for more storage, a headset, and a charger for your controller, or controllers.

Anyways, these are the accessories I recommend.

Turtle Beach Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset




HGST Touro S 1TB 7200RPM






BD&A Charging Station



Xbox One Chatpad + Chat Headset


Xbox One Media Remote



These are my top recommendations to those who are considering to get accessories on this type budget. Now the total should be around $190. This is a great thing since it’s under budget! This gives you $20 left over to spend on something else or on another accessory.

What do you think about these accessories? 

Please feel free to comment! 🙂

Xbox One accessories you can get on a $200 Budget

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