Rating: 10/10

Price(Amazon): $24.64

By: Microsoft

This adapter enables you to plug in any headset that has a 3.5mm audio jack

Note: this product will only be beneficial to those who don’t have the newer xbox one controller that already has a built in 3.5mm audio jack port

One neat thing about this adapter is that not only it lets you lower or raise the volume, but it also gives you the option to raise and lower the game audio or chat audio.

What does that mean? 

To be specific, that means that if you don’t want to hear the game audio while you are chatting you can simply lower that down and vice versa. It’s a really neat feature if you think about it.


So you can just plug in any headset?

Like I said, you may plug in any headset with a 3.5mm audio jack. Obviously you will need to a mic in order to chat online, but if it’s noisy in your home or you just simply want to hear the game audio better you can plug in your everyday headphones into the adapter.


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Xbox One Adapter Quick Review

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