From my experience, buying batteries constantly can be a pain in the butt. Especially when you realize you don’t have anymore and you are struggling to find any unused batteries all over your house!

That’s when charging stations come in handy. Charging stations benefit you because you won’t be needing to buy more batteries from time to time anymore. So once you run out of battery you can recharge your controller without  having to get your batteries.

So which charging station should you get?

There are a variety of charging stations you can get, but I am here to give you my 2 best recommendations. These charging stations, in my opinion, are really reliable and they work great! These are available at Amazon so when you click on a charging station here it will direct you there.

Microsoft licensed Energizer 2X Charging System



BD&A Charging Station


As you can see both charging stations are different but both share the same goal, which is to keep your xbox controllers charged. Both aren’t a hassle to set up so that makes a breeze. All you have to do is put it wherever you want, plug in the AC adapter to any power outlet, and the charging station is good to go!

Personally, I really like the BD&A charging station because it looks more modern. Also, I really like where the lights are placed at the bottom which indicate the charging status of each controller. That’s just me, but anyways either of these two are a great accessory to get!

As I said before, these are my 2 best charging stations I would recommend on getting. There are other charging stations that are good and reliable as well.

These charging stations only house two controllers. So if you happen to have one controller there is no need to worry because there is a charger you can get for that too.

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit




This charger is great for your controller. Unlike the other stations, you can simply plug in the USB cable on your Xbox One console to charge your controller while playing! It’s good for last minute situations when you are running out of battery mid gameplay.

What are your thoughts? 🙂

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Xbox One Charging Station, Which To get?

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