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This chatpad comes in handy when it comes to typing. It lets you send messages to your friends or other people online faster and easier. It was really annoying having to spell each word with the analog stick. It took long to finish whatever you wanted to type.

What’s cool about this chatpad is that it has a backlit keyboard so you can easily type in the dark. You wouldn’t have to squint your eyes just to see what button you are pressing.

Like the Xbox One Adapter, you will have the ability to control game or chat audio. As well as volume, and mic mute. So that means that you can plug in a 3.5mm jack in the chatpad.

What else?

Not only that, but you will also be able to record and screenshot at the tip of your fingers.

You can do this buy pressing X1 and X2. If you want to record a game clip you just simply press X2, and if you want to take a screenshot just press X1 on the keyboard.

The chat pad has two alternate sets of characters you can access incase you ever want to add an exclamation mark (!) or an underscore (_).

The keys on the keyboard stick out a little but it’s ok since they are small. This makes it less likely to press other keys on accident while typing.

This product is compatible with PC but only with Windows 10.

Overall, the Xbox One Chatpad is a great product from Microsoft and definitely worth buying.


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Xbox One Chatpad Review

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