There are a lot of Xbox One console skins. They are what lets you customize your console to your own style. So the question is: Are they worth getting? 


  • The skin prevents your console from getting any scratches
  • They are designed to precisely fit your console giving it a neat and natural look
  • You can customize your console’s look to any design you want
  • After installing you can safely remove it whenever you want to change skins
  • Having a customized console can make your console stand out


The only really con that console skins have are that they can take some time installing on the console. You have to be very careful with each part of the skin so you can fit each perfectly.


Overall, a skin’s price varies between $9-$15. In my opinion, that is a fair price for a console skin. It would have been over the line if they were priced around $30 or even more than that.

Worth getting?

I believe that these console skins are actually worth getting. It feels pretty great to know that you can customize your console in anyway you want. This is just my opinion and I would really like to hear any of your thoughts! 🙂

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Xbox One Console Skins, worth getting?

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