Leaving a controller anywhere may not matter to some people. However, I understand that a few like to keep their things neat and organized. I would recommend getting the Xbox One Controller Stand by Controller Gear.


What this stand does, is that it lets you rest your controller giving you a nice place to set it on. Plus there is a special storage area where you can store your batteries. The stand is, in fact, Licensed by Xbox One. It is designed specifically for the Xbox One controller.

This is perfect to place your controller on when not in use. Personally, I think this stand compliments your console when you put it next to it.

The controller fits really well on the stand, and whenever you want to start playing again you can simply pick up the controller again.

This stand can also make your controller easy to navigate with one hand whenever you are browsing on any apps you have such as Netflix or Youtube!

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This is available in Amazon for only $4.99!

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Xbox One Controller Stand, good to get?

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