These are some of the Special Edition controllers available. I’ve given small details for each controller. Check them out!

Xbox One Special Edition Forza Motorsport 6 Wireless Controller

By: Microsoft

This Xbox One Special Edition Forza Motorsport 6 Wireless Controller features a rubberized diamond grip for better control and comfort.

Made with a touch of a strong dark navy blue. The ABXY buttons are outlined in that color.

Analog sticks are colored blue as the controller and they are designed to be very responsive


Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller

By: Microsoft

The Impulse Triggers deliver fingertip vibration feedback.  

Responsive thumbsticks and an enhanced gold D-pad provide greater precision for gameplay. The ABXY buttons are outlined in gray instead of the original color code. 

Menu and View buttons are outlined in gold like the D-pad with a white background.


Xbox One Special Edition Covert Forces Wireless Controller

By: Microsoft 

Grips and contours have been designed to fit a wider range of hand sizes comfortably. 

Camouflage-like design with grey and light grey accents.

Now with a built-in 3.5mm stereo headset jack so you will be able to plug in any headset of your choosing.



Xbox One Special Edition Midnight Forces Wireless Controller

By: Microsoft

Comes with a chrome D-pad .

Great design that feature blue and navy blue accents making a camoflage-like pattern.


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