Xbox One Vertical Stand

Rating: 10/10

Price(Amazon): $11.99

By: Ohiki

This stand is great for those who want their Xbox in a different position. It also gives you the ability to create more space! Since this stand enables your Xbox console to stand upright, you can rest your console in many places.

I like how the rubber grips make the stand very durable and hold your console in place so you won’t have to worry about it slipping off.

Extra vents are made to prevent the console from over heating. Without the vents, the console’s vents will not have any air to breath resulting the console to overheat.

The design is made to fit the console perfectly! Installation is a breeze since you will just need to take the stand from the package and set it anywhere you would like to rest your xbox one. After that, just mount the console on to the stand and you’re all done.

I highly recommend this to those who would want to make some space or event to just rest their Xbox in another different spot!

What are your thoughts? 🙂


Xbox One Stand by Ohiki Review
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